Food consumption

Food consumption

Question 1

How much added sugar do we eat every year in the Netherlands?


The average annual intake of added sugars in the Netherlands is 22 kg per person. This is a daily intake of 60 grams of added sugars and accounts for 11% of our total daily energy intake. 

The rest of the sugars are naturally present in foods and drinks, and account for a daily intake of 50 grams. So more than half of all sugars that we eat (110 grams) are a form of added sugars. Children eat more added sugars (73 grams per day) than adults (57 grams per day). The consumption of added sugars account for about 15% of total daily energy intake in children. In adults this is about 10%. 

The five product groups that contribute most to the total intake of added sugars: 

  1. Sugar and candy
  2. Non-alcoholic beverages
  3. Cookies and pastries
  4. Dairy
  5. Sauces and seasoning